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With our extensive experience, Passage and Associates brings sensitivity to the dynamics of executive search management. We understand the importance of finding the best candidates for our clients. As a retained search firm Passage and Associates is not limited to the idea that the only prospects for our clients' positions need to be those "currently available" or "actively seeking a new position."

Our commitment is to objectively and methodically locate the right candidates; regardless of where they may be or what it takes to find them. Unlike other search firms, we don't waste time search through piles of resumes or computer databases to try to make impersonal or quantitative matches. Instead, we use our resources, including our database, to conduct customized, personalized searches to directly identify those candidates with quality performance records. We also work with referral sources and obtain information where we can expect to find qualified candidates and reach out to those individuals directly.

"People are not your most important asset. The right people are."

Jim Collins